Friday, 2 January 2009


Not really, if we take a hard look at our world and its values.

We shouldn’t put up with knife crime, functional illiteracy, epidemic marriage collapses, obesity, binge drinking, incompetent bureaucracy and all that stuff that is so irritating, any longer. Recession slows things down so it will give us time to deal with what we want our children’s world – this world – to be like and make it happen.

The values debate will be big news in 2009 – be part of it. Decide the few things that really matter.

No. 3 tomorrow - it's about innovation.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we have become degenerate and corrupt. No use blaming the bankers, they just got the malign message faster than the rest of us. We are all implicated, and we all have to join in a huge cleansing of the modern Augean Stables. First, we need to ask ourselves - how can I do better, cause less misery, make a move in the right direction. Then, as you say, put pressure on the evil and incompetent, to change their ways.
If they will not, they must go.