Thursday, 1 January 2009


I refrained from mentioning the elephant in the room over Christmas.

Apparently this incorrigible optimist was sounding too many warning notes about the economy and dampening the festive spirit. But now we are in 2009 I thought I’d give you my 1000 word view of life from the perspective not of “is there going to be a train-crash?” (because there is, in my view) but “what shall we do about it and how shall we individually survive it?” So, over the next few days, I'll be posting a few observations for the New Year.

1.The economy

The world is going backwards fast because it got drunk on greed. It’s completely lost its sense of balance. Next year most of us we shall feel poorer and confused. The UK is worse off because Financial Services and Media were our two big tricks. We have undergone a major realignment. Be in step with this rather than resenting it. Don’t worry about what’s gone (like Woolworth) focus on the next opportunity.So we are destined to be smaller. Should we care?

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Anonymous said...

Woolworths - good riddance to bad rubbish. How did they stagger on for so long? Those of us who had to deal with them over the years will not mourn their departure. Pretty well every category of merchandise in their selection could be got better elsewhere.So why did it take so long for the High Street to purge itself of such dross?
Survival must be about doing everything better than your competitors. If you cannot - get out of that business now. Sell out, close out, run for your life.