Monday, 3 November 2014


Harriet’s CEO of Thomas Cook. She’s turned a basket case of a company into a Prada handbag. So she’s terrific. But here’s what she said about sleep:

I don't sleep much, I never have. It's over-rated.

Apparently she manages on less than three hours a night. Well done her - for now - until she implodes - because life has an ironic way of mugging people who flaunt their alpha-ness.

My advice to you if you want to think and produce thoughtful and carefully created solutions, not plans that are conceived in a daze, is the following:

  • Slow down - most golf swings by the greats look measured and graceful. That’s what we want our leaders to look like and how we them to behave.
  • Calm down by breathing deeply and employing (within reason) mindfulness. Clear your mind but don’t empty it.
  • Use soft eyes. Sit and look gently into the middle distance letting your unblinking eyes float and go soft. Try it - it’s an ideal mode for deep reflection.
  • Then try and widen your angle of vision. Think about a problem and imagine standing above it and doing two things: seeing it in a broader context and also seeing how small or big it is real terms.
  • Most of all listen carefully and stand up straight and notice what’s going on around you.
  • And sleep. Sleep restores you, replenishes your energy and in your sleep your brain is sorting things out and quite often finding ingenious solutions to intractable problems. 

When I was young, dynamic, thrusting and a greasy pole climber - a thoroughly ghastly person - I was shockingly unobservant, unpunctual but I had a remorseless focus. This is my least favourite word in the current management lexicon (it comes next to passion). That’s when I behaved like Harriet and had 5am meetings just for show.

And then I read Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow” where he says:

…cognitive load is not the only cause of weakened self-control. A few drinks have the same effect as does a sleepless night.

Harriet do you hear me?

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