Wednesday, 2 June 2010


We live in extraordinary times. When industrial titans like BP and Toyota can hit the buffers and we could be facing the demise of the Euro, long term marketing strategies seem self indulgent.

There are timeless marketing truths of course but here is the tactical toolkit you need right now.

Week one

1. Reconnaissance pays in spades.

When circumstances change, change what you do. Marketing today is about being knowledgeable and nimble not dogmatic. We live in urgent times where really knowing what your competitors are doing is critical.

2. Quality wins – do not dare to be mediocre.

There is no excuse for being second rate. The penalty for living in a world of marketing is we’ve trained the consumer to be demanding. Be better than your competition. And keep on improving.

3. If you don’t have pride in what you do, give up.

Jerry of Ben and Jerry ice cream fame said “if it isn’t fun don’t do it”. But you must be proud of your brand too. How can you sell something you don’t really rate yourself? And if you aren’t proud of it, fix it. Now.

4. Laughter is the oxygen for creativity.

Lady Trumpington, House of Lords backbencher, said she always paid attention to anyone with a sense of humour in case they said something funny. We live in funny times. Express that fun. Gain their attention - win your audience.

Keep your eyes on the papers to see what happens next. Hard to imagine a script writer daring to write things like this…and the great thing is we are actors in this play.

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