Monday, 14 June 2010


Here are the last four tips which are written in a welter of new potential woes – apparently our banks are up their necks with Greece, Spain and Portugal to the tune of £100 billion (small change in the global economy? No not even trivial by global standards) and Hungary’s in trouble.
But we won a test match and the world cup is on its way – floating down the Rio Grande….is Ferdinand’s knee hereafter to be called the “knee of God?”
Part 3
9. Do things properly.

The great line from a banker in Uganda who was responsible for a spectacular turnaround and when asked how, said “we started to do things properly”.

Apply rigour, don’t run out of control but don’t ever think marketing and doing things properly is easy.

10. Create momentum.

The most difficult thing is getting “traction” (and this from a man who promised no jargon!). You know you are winning when the media want your stories and when people start hearing what you say and talk about you….no not like BP (a classic example of why we all have feet of clay.).

11.Execution. Execution. Execution. The key to success.

“T’aint what you do it’s the way that you do it; that’s what brings results.” The Ella FitzGerald classic song gets it right.  Better to do an average idea well than a good idea badly. Check out Green and Blacks for an example of this.

12.Give me lucky marketers not ones with good CVs.

“Do you feel lucky punk…well do you?” It was Napoleon who best understood the power of luck. Make your own with your energy, enthusiasm and sheer appetite for success.

A few tips with two more to add.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (the Pru) and
  • remember that people like to party (the Pimms current sales drive as the sun comes out). 
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