Sunday, 6 June 2010


The strangeness of the world we live in is shown by Portsmouth, the bedraggled and struggling-to-survive football team reaching the Cup Final for the second time in three years.

Anything can happen if you keep the faith and go for it.
Here are four more tips.

5. Targeting – imagine it was you being sold to.

Targeting used to be easy. We had a big marketing blunderbuss called prime time ITV which reached everyone we wanted to. Today it’s harder. But don’t despair. Imagine selling to yourself. Excite yourself and you have the chance of exciting others.

6.A few wins are better than a lot of draws.

Do not spread your money too thinly. Make your brand win big time in Brighton rather than being a nonentity in London. Build fame on sound foundations.

7.Use the tools you’ve been given in wonderful ways.

We are so lucky. In addition to more convention tools, experiential marketing and digital allow us to spin on a Euro and have fun. Marketing is our opportunity to show off about our brand and enjoy it.

8.Speak bloke not boss-talk and give up jargon forever.

In a book called the Cluetrain Manifest the authors vowed death to corporate language. Death is too good. Speak simply and succeed. Make your brand easy to talk to.

I hope you are having fun – this is all a cross between Black Adder and Mary Poppins and I love it.
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