Monday, 1 April 2013


There really doesn’t seem much to be cheerful about.

We’ve got a broken economy - stagnation, inflation, deflation. Our best politicians are emigrating. The bully EU has smashed the smallest kid in the playground - little Jimmy Cyprus. It’s never been harder to make a sale. Everyone‘s looking gloomy, grumpy or sad. And the weather is awful…the weather forecasters now even start their spiel each night with an apology.

This weather seems like a metaphor for global health - cold, bleak, depressing and unending.

But I wanted to wish you a very happy Easter and say it won’t be like this forever.

This picture shows you what you have to look forward to in April and May. The season when shafts of sunlight cut through just burgeoning leaves on the trees and all around there are amazingly vibrant colours.

But nothing quite beats the carpets of bluebells and their eye watering blue. And as I look at them I think of growth. Growth – remember that?

I hope you feel a bit better now.

Have a great, positive break.

Richard Hall                                                                                                                                                                      

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