Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Summer 2011.
The bump of the landing woke me…”bloody TescoJet” I muttered and stretched.
I glanced out as we cruised smoothly off the runway towards the terminal – Greece again – deep blue skies, burning sun, the smell of dust, pine resin and Marlborough …but after 2010’s EU debacle things were going to be a bit different.
The signage was changed for a start – “Welcome to the land of Mercedes; where German efficiency and Greek sun shine together” – as were the posters – “Welome to Burgos – home to the big Whopper”; “Sikinos – the island where you get better, the BUPA rest place” – medical tourism I mused was very big business today; “Antiquos – the island for sexy Saga people”; “Plasticos – the island retreat for Amex Platinum people – it’ll do very nicely”.
I’d got talking to fellow passengers as we waited for our L’Oreal (travel with us because you’re worth it) buses.

Tony and Gina were off to Panasinicos. Maria and bearded Jeremy were going to Dellos – “I am a bit of a computer nerd” Jeremy confessed “so whilst she fries in the sun and eats Big Zorbas at McGreecy, I’ll be playing at the Dell centre”; John and Derek were off to the lovely Dodeconese island of Nokia; the rather lovely Tricia and laughing Martin were off to the two upmarket islands of Mycros and Softos which were apparently magnificent with their 2 star Michelin Windows restaurants. Kate and I were, meanwhile, going on a creative writing course on Applostica but were not much looking forward to the Flymos Hydrofoil trip across the EDFAegean.
If you are bankrupt, you must sweat or sell your assets, said the Germans this week, like your islands of which you have over 3,000, you lazy Greeks….and why stop there?
Indeed. A bit of money and commercialism could transform the place. Save the Greek economy and create an Aegean Disneyland instead.
Apparently the UK government are putting in a bid for the Parthenon – “somewhere to keep those Elgin marbles” explained Prime Minister Peter Mandelson smoothly.
This could all happen and one day probably will.
Sponsorship will be the answer to our money problems. Countries, cities and towns will make their assets sweat. All will be answerable to their sponsors. And we’ll have a very good time …. maybe…
This is Richard Hall from Brighton the City of Innocent, little tasty drinks, signing off…

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