Monday, 6 September 2021


As technology hurtles us along a path of unending knowledge advancement something odd is going on. We seem to know less and less and we’re making more mistakes. Big ones. Whoppers.

I’m so enthralled by this I’m taking a week off to let my mind empty of assumptions. I shall be eating, drinking, listening to fine music and walking a lot.

Back in the black old days when we knew we knew nothing walking was the thing.

We shall see. In the meantime, the sound of a rushing river fills the air.

I’ll write a proper blog next week.

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John Eustace said...

Good idea. I shall follow and head to Norfolk and walk the beaches about Holkham with my four legged friend who doesn't answer back, considering all the time that it about time I pivoted. This 76 y.o. sat and listened to two lunch companions debate AI, and me not being able to understand what on earth they were talking about. Find me a deck chair please Richard